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2017 Photo Project files - DOWNLOAD ONLY

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All files for the 2017 WIC Photo Project can be downloaded from these links.

NOTE: Because the files sizes are so large, we had to split up the collection into managable chunks. Click on each link below to download (download should begin automatically, and items will appear in your 'Downloads' folder on your computer.) Depending on your interenet connection, each download can take several minutes.

2017 Photo Project User's Guide - START HERE

Breastfeeding Mom & Baby Images - part 1

Breastfeeding Mom & Baby Images - part 2

Breastfeeding Mom & Baby Images - part 3

Breastfeeding Mom & Baby Images - part 4

Clinic Shot Images

Families Images- part 1

Families Images - part 2

Farmer's Market Images

Group Classes Images 


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